Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins is once again firing back at Governor Edwards' handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier today, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards brought the state back to a "modified" Phase 2 as he stressed the need to get rising COVID-19 numbers in check. A few of the modifications that Edwards made were stricter capacity limits on gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, casinos, and places of worship. He also put a stricter limit on the number of people that could attend events and bars (in eligible parishes) in addition to the mask mandate that remains in place.

You can see all the details here, but naturally, there were many who were frustrated with the fact that we are going backward as a state rather than forward. Some are just suffering from COVID fatigue, while others are upset that the good have to suffer for those who refuse to do what it takes to get the numbers under control.

Then there are others who simply don't have a good opinion when it comes to the job that Governor John Bel Edwards is doing when it comes to COVID-19. Congressman Higgins has been vocal in his criticism of JBE throughout the pandemic and earlier today he denounced the governor's decision to move back to a modified Phase 2.

Unfortunately, words on social media don't get the numbers under control nor does it loosen up any of the restrictions that JBE's proclamation will have in place until at least December 23. Based on the comments it seems like many of Higgins' supporters have actually vowed to willfully disobey the governor's orders.

Hopefully, the natural gathering that usually comes with the holiday season doesn't add to our spiking numbers and we continue to see progress as expedited delivery of the vaccine is set to roll out before the end of 2020.

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