Are you getting paid what you are worth? This link will allow you to compare your pay to the state or national average.

The United States Department of Labor and Statistics website breaks down job descriptions and puts estimates on each (based on state and national data), giving you an idea of what the average pay is for that job in each state.

You can also compare your pay to the pay (for the same job) in other states. For example: in Louisiana, the annual mean wage for Oil and Gas Derrick Operators is around $50,000. In Wyoming, it's $54,000. In Texas, about $45,000. (2017 data.)

If you tool around on the website and find that you are not being paid at the national or local average, this could be great information to use the next time you meet with your boss to ask for a raise!

If you have been thinking about relocating, this information could be very helpful when deciding your next move.

PS: If you are already paid over the local average, don't let your boss see this post.

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