Coloring isn't just for children.  I recently discovered Coloring Books for Adults.   I may not be able to draw anything more elaborate than stick people, but I sure can color.As a child, I loved to color because I was pretty much assured a pretty picture in the colors that I prefer.  That still holds true today.   I choose the picture and the colors to fill my own "museum" of beautiful artwork.

Coloring is a relaxing activity that allows us to be creative, yet restful.  Since coloring itself doesn't require a lot of my brain juice, it frees me to mentally meditate or concentrate on a particularly difficult concern that I need time to think through.

So, why not grab your colored pencils, an adult coloring book and take that much needed break.   You just might be surprised at how much better you feel, not to mention that wonderful sense of accomplishment of a job well done.

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