This is one reason i'll never understand why massively-paid collegiate coaches host weekly radio shows.

It just doesn't make sense to me. All the coaches do it. Just sit back, stay away from trouble, coach your team, and make millions of dollars. That's just me. I'm sure there's money involved, and I bet it helps with recruiting. However, for me, the risk is just too big.

Today, Coach O is dealing with a little bit of drama, that has nothing to do with the incredibly depressing season his LSU Tigers are having so far. Nope, this drama stems directly from his live weekly radio show. During his show, he will take calls from fans. Maybe it's because I'm a radio guy, but that already sounds like a horrible idea to me. I mean, if things were going great, I guess the risk of a wonky live calls are low, but I can't imagine being a call-screener for that show when things are bad and fans are upset.

Anyways a prank caller called and decided to mess with Coach O live on the air. In this prank call, the caller identified himself a J-Boy, and quickly asked the coach to give a shoutout to his 20-year-old little sister. The call went down hill very quickly from that point and turned sexual, before the producer could kill his phone line.

Afterwards, Coach O's co-host tried to move on quickly, before Coach O interrupted and decided he would offer a remark to the prank caller.

Personally, I don't have much of a problem with what Coach O said. Let's face it, Coach Ed Orgeron is as Cajun as Cajun gets, and no amount of fame or money will remove that side of him.

See the full clip below!

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