Wow -- this is really something. This heads-up was posted on Facebook the other day and it will really make you angry!

As you can see, there is a charge for "Lawful Interception Recovery." That means that you are being charged for all the snooping the government is doing behind our backs.

But there's even more to this story --

The Facebook comment reads:

I was looking at my bill and didn't know what this lawful interception fee was.... I googled it...... WIRE TAPPING!!! I called and they said its a new fee for the... cost incurred from the government. I don't have anything to hide so if they wanna tap my phone go ahead.....but why should I have to pay for it??!!! This is ridiculous, please share this so we can get the word out there. Oh, and check your bills people!! - Via Kallie Snyder


The real capper on this story is this: It's FAKE.

Good old internet. Any crackpot can use it to claim anything. Snopes declared this one a TOTAL FAKE.

I guess that would explain why no one else has found any such entry on their phone bill.


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