Joey Chestnut holds eating titles all over the U.S.A, so it only makes sense that he holds a title here in Louisiana. Champion Gurgitator, Chestnut will be returning to Louisiana in November to defend his pizza eating title.

Among other world records, Joey Chestnut currently holds the world record set during the annual Fat Boy's Pizza eating contest in Metairie. Chestnut got that record by eating 6 and a half, two-foot slices of Fat Boy's pizza in 10 minutes in 2019.

After a year off due to COVID the pizza eating contest is coming back November 13th outside of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Chestnut will be competing against other gurgitators, and is looking to break his 2019 record.

These eating competitions give you much more than a free meal as a prize. This particular contest, had a 3,000 dollar prize attached to the honor of winning.

Joey Chestnut has held eating records for hotdogs, chicken wings, chili, and birthday cake along with his current pizza record.

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