The CDC is said to be working on guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans on what kind of social interactions and gatherings are safe.

You may be asking yourself, what qualifies as fully vaccinated? According to the CDC, fully vaccinated means you are two weeks removed from your second dose of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, and two weeks after your Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky promised during a COVID-19 briefing that guidance for fully vaccinated Americans would be coming soon. She didn't give a release date but did say the CDC is taking their time with these guidelines to make sure the information is solid and safe.

People are tired of being cooped up in their homes and not seeing loved ones. Grandparents are wondering when they can see their grandkids again, sons and daughters want to visit their parents in nursing homes, and people want to gather in public again for a concert or a drink at their local pub.

Even though more and more people are vaccinated every day, those activities may be further in the future than Americans can stomach. We're just looking for a glimmer of hope in these dark days as we contemplate our future and what it may hold.

None of the three vaccines are 100% effective against COVID-19, and those who are fully vaccinated can still contract the coronavirus and spread it to other people. Health officials are still warning that fully vaccinated individuals should still wear masks and social distance.

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