John Fogerty has a new CD out and on it, he teams up with a lot of folks including Miranda Lambert to Bob Seger, but how about a reunion with CCR? Well, Fogerty answered that question over the weekend. No doubt, he answered it for 800th time, but here's what he said.

Oh, before you read on, I do have some gossip about it, but I won't reveal my source.

Let me paraphrase.  No

When CCR busted up lo these many years ago, it was not pretty. Even when the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Fogerty refused to play on the same stage with them.

Even when the remaining members decided to go on the road as Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Fogerty sued to stop them. He lost the suit.


I have it on fairly good authority that the break up was so personal and acrimonious that  John Fogerty refused to even visit his brother, Tom, when tom was dying of AIDS. As a side note, Tom Fogerty contracted AIDS thru a bad blood transfusion.


Fogerty continued by adding that, from the beginning, they agreed that there would be no reunion unless everyone agreed upon it. If I might ad a bit of personal opinion here it would be that, while an agreement between friends is all well and good, and that John did, indeed write all the songs, the remaining guys did perform on all the records and all the concerts and have a right to make a living as members of that band.

Let me just step down off this soapbox here.

In the end Fogerty paraphrased George Harrison by saying that there could be no reunion "as long as Tom is dead."