Over the weekend on Saturday, the Miami Hurricanes were playing their second game of the season against Appalachian State at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

The game was a close one but most of the fans at one point were not focused on the game, they were focused on a cat dangling from a wire in the upper deck of the stadium.

In the video you are about to watch, you will see a black and white cat dangling from a wire from the top deck of the stadium.  There is a male fan trying to grab the cat while the fans below are looking up.

Even though the male fan tried to get to the cat, it fell before he could, plummeting down to the next deck. Luckily the fans below had an American flag that they had brought to the game and quickly opened up the flag to catch the cat and save it.

It was reported that the fan's name was a guy named Craig Cromer who works for the university and has season tickets.  Craig said that he and his wife always bring a flag to the game to hang over the railing in front of their seats.  The flag definitely came in handy to save the cat's life.

What happened after that was something out of a Disney movie. After retrieving the cat from the flag, they held the cat up and it looked just like the iconic scene from the Lion King movie.

Thank goodness the cat was ok. By the way, the Miami Hurricanes won the game 25-23.

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