I’m lazy. Well not really lazy but I’m a procrastinator who would be a top round draft pick if there were Professional Procrastination League. Procrastinating really doesn’t come back to bite me except at this time of year. Before the internet I started my Christmas shopping about the 21st of December but in the past few years I’ve discovered that I can shop without leaving my chair.

There’s two great things about this: This year again I can shop from my chair BUT this year I can buy from local businesses at HALF price! This is a fantastic opportunity and all I have to do is wait until 6AM Black Friday Morning and log onto Seize the Deal! Waiting is one of my strongest talents so no worries there.

If you’re the type that will love online shopping and you also like to support local business then you can’t pass up half-price, here’s a sample of what kind of gift certificates are waiting in very limited quantities (it is half price):

As they say on late night TV commercials: “But Wait! There’s More!"

All this stuff is half price! And as easy to get as operating the computer mouse! The only thing to do now is wait, until Black Friday morning at 6 – when I’ll be logging onto seizethedeal.com and getting some of my favorite gifts, from local vendors and at half price.

Seize the Day and Seize the Deal!