Carly Simon has revealed at least part of the mystery as to the subject of her 1972 hit "You're So Vain." I say "part of the mystery" because the song is actually about more than one person. Simon has a memoir coming out called Boys in the Trees, and in it she finally reveals the mystery of the century.

According to Simon, the second verse of the song:

You had me several years ago

When I was still quite naive

You said that we made such a pretty pair

and that you would never leave

Was about Warren Beatty.

Getty Images/Frazer Harrison
Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

I guess I win some kind of prize for guessing that since I always thought Beatty played himself in the movie Shampoo. For his part in that movie he played an ego-maniacal hairdresser who left a trail of women, both married and single, in his wake.

Now, the mystery still remains as to the identity of the other man or men referred to in the song. The list of guesses include:

Cat Stevens

Mick Jagger - It would be funny. since Jagger sings back-up on the record

David Geffen - Record Producer and number one suspect

David Bowie

Needless to say, no matter who the song is actually dissing, Miss Simon got around, no?

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