Working parents know all too well the challenges of finding someone who's dependable and trustworthy to watch their children any time school is out.

No matter whether it's for summer vacation, winter break, a snow day, or during the upcoming Christmas vacation, kids have a lot of time where they could possibly need adult supervision, but finding someone to handle the responsibility gets harder and harder every year.

While that "off time" is all fun and games for the kids, it brings on a time of angst for some parents. The question rising to the top of the totem pole for many of these parents each year is, "Is my child old enough to be left at home alone or do I need to send them to daycare or get a babysitter?"


In a lot of cases, this might be the first time the parent has ever had the question. Last year it was obvious that the child wasn't old enough, but this year, there's a lot less certainty on the issue.

In my honest opinion, I believe that if you have to ask the question, it's much better to default to providing them with adult supervision. When they're old enough, you'll know.

However, you might wonder what Louisiana law has to say about the matter. According to, who quote the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services there is no minimum age for a child to be left unsupervised at home.  In fact, the source lists only a total of 16 states with minimum ages and those range from 6 to 12 years of age.

Once Again Louisiana Law Is Somewhat Cloudy On The Issue

However, there appears to be some conflict regarding this issue, as according to, a person can be charged with criminal abandonment if:

(1) The intentional physical abandonment of a minor child under the age of ten years by the child's parent or legal guardian by leaving the minor child unattended and to his own care when the evidence demonstrates that the child's parent or legal guardian did not intend to return to the minor child or provide for adult supervision of the minor child.

If I were forced to make the decision, I would always opt for a minimum age of 10 to avoid any issues, but some kids are just more mature than others, and it really does appear to be an issue of personal convictions.

What Did People On Facebook Have To Say About It?

So, I asked the question on Facebook and got a lot of really good responses that could help those faced with this issue for the first time.

My cousin, Kelly Poole, wrote, "Depends on the kids maturity level, do they have a sibling that can keep them company or are they all alone, the neighborhood you live in, do you know any neighbors they could go to in the case of an emergency or if they get scared, is it day or night & how long will you be gone … all factors to consider. Bc my kids are a year apart I left them alone sooner than if they’d been only children. Plus we adjusted the age when we moved from Blanchard to the DC area. But I guess generally speaking 10-12."

Deegie Lawless added, "Depends on where you live, how mature the child is and what training you have given them."

Melissa Smith was firm in her answer, "No less than 12 and depends on maturity!"

Chad Felicetty and Kalie Dickson both stated that 13 was the golden age, but Kalie added, "..if they have the maturity to handle it."

Kristy McBride says, " my kids where 5 & 9 … got themselves up with alarm clocks, dressed, breakfast, locked house, set alarm and off to bus stop. Never missed the bus or was late. Today they are 30 & 26, very respectful and responsible adults."

Lots of those commenting agreed that times are much different now than when they were kids. Jordan Bates wrote, "Nowadays around 12. When I was a kid, about 7."

I think I liked Rob Brown's reply best of all, "Depends. Is the child old enough to load a shotgun?"

If you find yourself still unresolved on the issue, Dawn Hines-Bustamento added some great advice, "It's gradual. I think we started at around 10 for 15 minute runs to the store or so. And it built. She is 13 now and babysits for others. I would not leave them overnight on their own until 17 or so. Depends on the child, where you live, who is nearby in case of emergency, number of kids, etc."

And that might be how it begins. But assuredly, the most common denominator in the majority of responses was that it all depends on the child. You know your kids better than anyone, so if you're comfortable with it, then it might be time for a test run.

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