An LNG export facility located in Cameron Parish is facing a fine for not reporting a leak. The leak reportedly happened within 48 hours of the facility going into production for the very first time. That leak was not reported and the company is now facing a civil fine.

According to reports, the Houston Based Cameron LNG export facility is being asked to pay $41,600 to the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration after it failed to notify the federal agency of leaks at its Hackberry export facility.

After years of construction and testing the facility began producing liquified natural gas on May 14th of this year. Federal Inspectors visited the facility within the first week of production and that is where the leak was noted. It was also noted that the company did not report the incident within specified timelines. That is the reason for the potential civil penalty and fine.

According to reports, the company did not consider the leak to be significant enough to report. And therefore they did not report it. Federal investigators saw the incident differently and that is why a potential fine could in the works. The company will have 30 days to respond to the findings and appeal the judgement against it.

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