Really? Fourth DWI? My question remains ... why is he on the street after his third? With bond set at only $66,000 you may see him get his fifth.



I guess we will fix this problem when someone with a fourth DWI kills someone. Then there will be a public outrage. This guy proves that he is going to drive while under the influence. He has no regard for whether or not he is driving legally. Taking away his license did nothing. I personally have no confidence that someone like this will not just get out of jail and drive again. It is very scary.

On September 28th Justin A. Richard was driving on Pete Seay road in Sulphur and was seen swerving of the road and into the oncoming lane. Justin was slurring his words and smelled of alcohol. He was in possession of prescription pills that he had no prescription . He also had no driver's license because it was suspended due to a previous DWI.

CPSO Cpl. Dennis Pippin was the arresting deputy on this case.