The Louisiana Department of Education has released their district report cards. Calcasieu Parish Schools received a B grade. We have the list of individual schools too.

School Bus
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Calcasieu, Cameron, Allen, Acadia, Beauregard and Jefferson Davis Parish schools all received a B grade. Now let's look at individual schools in Calcasieu Parish. here are the schools that received an A grade.

W.W. Lewis Middle School
Moss Bluff Elementary
A.A. Nelson Elementary
Prien Lake Elementary
Vincent Settlement Elementary School
Westwood Elementary School

Calcasieu Parish Schools receiving a D grade were ..

Barbe Elementary School
Jesse D. Clifton Elementary
John F Kennedy Elementary
Lagrange High School
Ray D. Molo Middle Magnet School
Oak Park Elementary
Oak Park Middle
Washington Marion Magnet High School
Pearl Watson Elementary School

It is upsetting when any of our schools receive a D. It is even more upsetting when our magnet schools get D grades! Get the complete list of state schools alphabetically by district by following the link in this story..



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