We live in what is perhaps the most unique part of the country. The Cajun culture lends itself to all sorts of situations and, in this case, great song parody songs. While we may be used to the unmistakable sound of a Cajun accent, to most of the country it's as different as someone speaking Greek.

Let's face it, the country has pretty much embraced the Cajun culture and any and all things Cajun are quite the rage. I don't know the creative minds behind this parody, but it stands up extremely well.

As somewhat of an outsider, that is;not being Cajun, I know how distinctive the Cajun accent sounds to a "foreign" ear. It's kind of musical and, at the same time, has an element of comedy to it.

Check out this very creative parody called, "Mais, You Wanna Build Dat Snowman"

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