The Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority and CivicSource are joining forces to help people purchase adjudicated land in North Lake Charles. What is available is pieces of property that went unsold in a tax sale and that property has now been adjudicated to the City Of Lake Charles.

The properties are those that previously went unsold in a tax sale, and as a result became adjudicated to the city. Through the auctions, bidders will get full ownership of the property that has been purchased.  The auctions provide winning bidders with full ownership of each property including title insurance. The average starting price for a piece of the adjudicated property is about $5,000.

If you would like to become a property owner, you can find a complete listing at There is an $850 deposit and that deposit is applied to the price of the land.

Interested people can also call (888) 387-8033 Monday through Friday.


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