Everybody is striving to be more environmentally conscious these days, and Burger King fast food restaurants are no exception. According to CNN, the popular burger chain announced plans to start testing reusable packaging as early as next year. Evidentially, the trial run will be a partnership in conjunction with TerraCycle's zero-waste delivery platform, Loop.

CNN says the customers will have a choice to purchase the traditional packaging, or the new reusable containers for certain items on the menu like coffee, sandwiches, and soft drinks. If they get the reusable kind, they can bring those back into the restaurants to be reused. And cleaned, of course.But, there is a small catch if you are trying the environmentally friendly packaging. Customers will be charged a small fee, or deposit (and we're not exactly sure what is "small" to them) and will receive a refund upon returning with the reusable wrapping.

The parent company of Burger King has been putting a little extra into their sustainability efforts lately. They had announced earlier this year that one of their signature items, the Whopper, would now be made with lemongrass fed beef, which supposedly cuts methane emissions. They also, according to CNN, said that "Other commitments from the company include having 100% of its restaurants' guest packaging come from renewable, recycle or certified sources, and recycling all guest packaging at its restaurants in the United States and Canada by 2025". Will you be willing to pay a deposit to try out the new reusable packaging? Let us know in the comments below.




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