Ladies and gentlemen, if you've ever wondered how to expertly troll your ex on Instagram, I present your instructor: Brian Austin Green. The breakup between Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox has been pretty civil, until now.

The ceasefire ended yesterday, when Megan posted a picture of herself with a shirtless MGK (he's a rapper), and captioned it, "Achingly Beautiful Boy. . . My heart is yours."

Of course, you know BAG (Brian Austin Green) wasn't going to sit idol while this disrespect was being handed out for the world to see. He's a man of action. Brian responded by posting pictures of their three sons along with his older son from a previous relationship and captioned it, "Achingly beautiful boys . . . My heart is yours."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you troll. Is it weird to anyone else that the first picture of Brian's son kinda looks like MGK? Or is that just me?

Keep tuned to Instagram. I think we might have a good show on our hands over the next few weeks.

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