I don't pay much attention to odds makers but you can bet your bottom dollar (and many people will) that there are going to odds on favorites when it comes to the big game, but we're all much more entertained by other odds the experts are making.

I don't have a dog in this hunt, but, after all, it is a big game and no matter who wins or loses, my life will go on just the same. I also don't bet on sporting events. The interesting thing about this article is that those odds makers are giving odds on a lot of other bowl events other than just the winners and losers.

I'd be willing to bet that a great many of these will actually happen sometime during the course  of the game. Here are some of their predictions:

1. Lady Gaga will have a wardrobe malfunction 15-1

2. The odds that Lady guitar will says something about "Trump" -- 9-5 or a 35% chance

3.The odds of a player doing the "Dirty Bird" touchdown celebration -- 10 -13 - That translates to about 57%

4. The phrase Deflate Gate will be used 2-5...I'll bet it's mentioned a ton of times

5.How many commercials Peyton Manning will appear in during the broadcast:  1.5.  I have a feeling that, as we do every Sunday, we'll see a lot of Manning all over the place.

These figures were put together by Bookmaker.EU and there are a lot of other interesting odds on their website. There are lots of other great predictions and odds HERE




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