I guess the word hasn't gotten around to everyone just yet. Your cell phone calls are real easy to trace. Just so you know.

One person obviously didn't get the memo and thought that it would be just super cool to call in a few bomb threats to his place of employment.

Here's the story

From the Lake Charles Police Department release:

On Monday January 13th 2014, Wednesday January 15th, and Thursday January 16th, the Lake Charles Police Department responded to the Pizza Hut located at 4445 Nelson Road, each time regarding a bomb threat. During these incidents it was reported that employees of the business had received text messages from various unrecognized phone numbers warning of the presence of a bomb and that an explosion was imminent. After evacuation of personnel from Pizza Hut and the surrounding businesses, searches were conducted. No suspicious items were found. Numerous agencies responded including the Lake Charles Police Department, the Lake Charles Fire Department, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness as well as emergency medical services.

A follow up investigation was conducted by Lake Charles Police Department Detectives Sergeant Frank Fondel, Detective Willie Fontenot, & Lead Detective Dustin Gaudet.  Through interviews & search warrants it was revealed that a Pizza Hut employee, identified as Justin Edwards utilized his phone to send these text messages to the employees of this business.

The warrant was issued by Judge Wilson, 14th Judicial District Court and bond was set at $10,000.  Corporal Nicholas Stratton filed the initial report on this incident

Edwards is now wearing one of those super cool orange jumpsuits.


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