Nostalgia is all around us these days. Ninja Turtles, superheros, and even Tamagaches! I was feeling a bit nostalgic today around the station and started remembering things in school that always made me excited for the day. Sorta like Oregon Trail day in the computer lab!

star lab 1

I went to elementary school at Dolby. Loved that school, it had computer labs, some of the first Mac's in the parish, and then there was the Star Lab! Mr. Hayes was our science teacher in 5th grade. We never knew when Star Lab was going to happen, but I was always prepared for it when it was time.

star lab 2

Star Lab was a giant inflatable igloo essentially. You'd crawl in and sit around the edge. The teacher would sit in the middle with their red pointer (we all wanted to use it) to point out the stars and constellations. They'd turn on the giant projector and, suddenly, you'd be transported into space staring at the stars. They'd point out the dippers, scorpio, and Orion's belt. Also, never forget "beetlejuice" the red star. After explaining where we were in space, motion sickness would ensue as they set the sky into motion. I honestly have no idea the presentations would last, but it felt like seconds. I'm sure it was a whole class period, but I am also sure I never wanted to leave it.

star lab 3

That got me thinking, can I buy a Star Lab of my very own? What does one even cost? Amazon has a "newer" version for $1500 and you can find some old projectors on eBay. Can you really put a price on your childhood? Do they even still do Star Lab in schools? I guess I need to start a GoFund me for my very own. NO SHOES ALLOWED!

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