Billy Joel isn't called the Piano Man for no reason. When he sees one, he just can't resist the urge to tickle the ivories.

Believe it or not, this actually happened a few weeks ago in Huntington, Long Island.

Billy happened to see an upright piano someone was throwing away, and like a siren's song pulling a sailor to shore,  he had to give it a play. And he was pretty impressed.

Joel said:

Not bad, it just needs tuning.  And the finish is beat.  It's a perfectly good piano.  It's a shame to throw it out.  At least donate it to [a thrift store].  They'd probably take it.

How cool is it that the stars aligned and someone caught this on video? I would've probably peed a little if Billy Joel was walking down my street and played my trash piano.

I guess the saying is true, "One man's trash is another man's pleasure."

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