Welcome signs that greet visitors to the great state of Louisiana will soon get an addition to them.

By a 35-0 vote, the State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would add "Home of the Who Dat Nation" to welcome signs at state lines on Interstate 10.

The bill just needs the signature of Governor John Bel Edwards, but that is expected to happen.

The widely used chant will be added to Louisiana welcome signs on east and westbound I-10 at the Texas and Mississippi state lines, and in downtown New Orleans at the exit to the Superdome.

The state department would make these signs, provided it receives local or private money for the construction, and it doesn't exceed $1,100, according to the bill.

The recent version of this bill is quite a bit less than what author Senator William Bishop of New Orleans originally envisioned. He sought to rename I-10 from the Mississippi state line to the Texas state line "Who Dat Nation Highway."

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