"Can you hear me now" was a pretty good ad campaign in its day. Everyone was walking around saying the phrase and it was all in fun. Flash forward a few years and the phrase "can you hear me" has become the last thing you want to hear when you answer the phone.Yes, boys and girls, there's another very expensive scam working out there and all you have to do is say, "yes." to get ripped off.

Here's how this particular scam works:

You'll get a call from a random phone number you don't recognize. When you answer, the person at the other end of the phone will ask, "Can you hear me?" The second you answer, 'Yes" they have all the information they need to rip you off big time!

The deal behind the scam is this. If you get such a phone call, it could mean that your bank or credit card info has been compromised. The crook will then use your card to charge anything they want from a stick of gum to an Atlas missile. Your trusty credit card company is going to go looking for confirmation. They will ask if you authorized the purchase for an Atlas Missile and you will respond, "yes." Congratulations, you now own an Atlas missile.

Of course, this particular scam is pretty easy to avoid if you just know that such a call may be forthcoming. If you get such a call, the experts say the best thing is to just hang up. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to contact your bank or credit card company to make sure charges haven't already been made to your card. Catch it early enough and it's much easier to handle.



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