Okay, let's be honest here. There are some forms of advertising that, traditionally speaking, make up some of the worst advertising known to man. I don't care where you go, most used car advertising is the pits. Now, I've lived in some pretty big cities,and one would think that, in Los Angeles for example, advertising in general would be excellent. I mean, after all, there are a ton of filmmakers there, and they should have plenty of talent.

Well, don't think that used car advertising in LA is any better than it is in La. When I lived just outside Los Angeles, there was a big shot car dealer there by the name of Cal Worthington, and old Cal's ads were as bad as any I've ever seen. Cal liked to have live animals in his ads and, believe me, they were cringe-worthy.

Well, in this case, the seller isn't a car dealer. The guy who made this ad is an independent filmmaker and, when his girlfriend decided to sell her 1996 Honda, he decided that he would produce a commercial for it. This guy didn't cut any corners, and the results were amazing!

The ad is completely honest. Not only do they show the actual car in the ad, but they also own up to the fact that it's a somewhat less than pristine car. Instead of showing the driver doing all sorts of exciting things, this one shows the mundane daily operation of driving a car. They also reveal that the car has 141,000 miles on it, and it's not in the best condition in the world. In fact, the asking price for the car is only $499.

Well, the ad took off, and when the old proverbial dust settled, the bids had gone up to $150,000! It is at this point that the story gets a little muddled. The bidding ended last night, and it looks like all the bids were rescinded. The story doesn't go into who bought the car or how much they paid, but a big pat on the back to the independent filmmaker who put this bit of brilliance together.

Check out the ad! Could this be the future of used car advertising? Cal Worthington must be rolling over in his grave.

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