Each decade seems to have it's defining fashion. The trouble with being fashionable is, when something goes out of style, it really goes out of style.

Bell bottoms were very cool in the 60's, but when the fad died out, you looked like a real dweeb if you still wore them.

At any rate, people were asked which decade had the coolest clothes and the 60's won by a pretty big margin.

Here's how the other decades rated.

1.  The '60s.  Bell bottoms, bright colors, miniskirts, and go-go boots.

Getty Images/Ron Case


2.  The '20s.  Flapper clothes.


3.  The '50s.  Leather jackets, poodle skirts, and cardigan sweaters.


4.  The 2000s.  Skinny jeans, Uggs, giant sunglasses, and Ed Hardy?


5.  The '40s.  Full skirts and wide-legged pants.


6.  The '30s.  Shoulder pads and hats worn at an angle.


7.  The '90s.  Grunge, baggy pants, and wallet chains.


8.  The '80s.  Leg warmers, acid-washed jeans, and neon.


9.  The 1910s.  Old-fashioned looks, long dresses, large women's hats.


10.  The '70s.  Wide collars, platform shoes, the disco look.

Getty Images/ Fox Photos