I enjoy coffee. Maybe that’s an understatement. I LOVE coffee! While the taste of the drink is important, it’s really the coffee shop that makes all of the difference. My drink of choice is basic. It’s "The Americano," which is simply shots of espresso and hot water. Let’s get straight to my five favorite places to drink coffee. This list is in no particular order, so the last is certainly not least.

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    3414 Common St., 4212 Ryan Street, 4505 Nelson Road, 2500 Old Highway 171, 293 Sam Houston Jones Parkway

    Simple? Yes. Consistently good? Absolutely! McDonald’s has come along way with their coffee thanks to their new McCafe’ drinks. They serve cappuccino, latte and most of the other drinks you’ll find at your favorite coffee shops. My favorite drink at McD’s is simply their coffee. In my experience, they’ve been willing to brew a fresh cup morning, noon or night. Throw in their free Wi-Fi and good food, and you have a winning combination!

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    319 Broad Street

    Cozy, downtown, and so much more than coffee. Stellar Beans is a great place to meet downtown for lunch, a midday coffee, and occasional live music. I like this place because of the comfortable chairs and relaxed atmosphere. The staff here has always been friendly and it’s an example of a great locally owned coffee shop!


    127 West College St.

    Gourmet coffee pioneers. Before the anyone else was seriously trying gourmet coffee in Lake Charles, Chez Caffe was here. The best news for Southwest Louisiana is that while others have come and gone, Chez Caffe is still going strong serving delicious gourmet coffee and delicious lunch. No matter where you are, Chez Caffe is a convenient destination right off of 210 west of Ryan Street.

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    4710 Common St.

    One of the newer coffee shops, The Porch is a great place to enjoy a great cup of your favorite coffee, delicious food and some of the best in local, live music. The ambiance is fun, but it’s one of the few places to hear live music that’s not in a bar. The Porch is across from Cowboy Stadium on Common Street and is more than worth the drive.

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    3479 Nelson Rd. and 4055 Ryan Street

    I snapped this photo five minutes before I started writing this post. Starbucks is what put gourmet coffee on the global map. Starbucks has done for coffee what McDonalds has done for the burger. You’ll almost always find a consistent cup of coffee and a friendly smile. I’m writing this post at my favorite table looking out on Nelson Road at 10:00pm. Oops, they are closing so I’ve got to run…