If you're a beer lover you've got to check out the inaugural Golden Nugget Beer Fest this weekend. In the past few years, more and more people are  expanding their beer palates and trying out new craft beers as well as some old world-wide favorites.

This weekend at the Golden Nugget you'll get a chance to sample some of the great American Craft Beers and, in the process, you'll discover just how wide and varied beers really are. The whole shebang gets underway Friday as the Golden Nugget  converts H2O Pool + Bar into an authentic Beer Garden. Mingle with the Beer Maidens, sip your way through the finest American craft beers, and enjoy live entertainment featuring The Slags Band. Food and beverage sample ticket sales will be available in advance and at the door on event night.

Then, coming up Saturday night, it's the Grand Tasting experience. Here's where you'll have the opportunity to meet brew masters and learn just what goes into the brewing of some of these great beers. Of course, it's not a Beer Fest without sampling and you'll get to sample over 100 American craft beers including limited-production seasonal beers paired with traditional Oktoberfest foods.