Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Deputies will now be carrying an opiod overdose reversal medication on hand called Narcan.

I first heard about Narcan from a VICE documentary I watched on YouTube about the opiod epidemic in Canada and how Narcan is free there to people who recreationally use opiods.

New York Becomes First State To Make Narcan Available At Pharmacies
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The Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office received the Narcan through a local organization called the Beauregard Prevention Coalition.  BPSO Chief Deputy Mark Herford told Chandler Watkins of KPLC:

We’ve partnered with them for several different projects, this is the latest one...we really appreciate their interest in our safety because it is a safety issue for us as well as the community.

It begs the question for me, if opiod users know that law enforcement has this medication on hand to use during an overdose, will it allow users to take their opiod addiction to the next level because now they know that their overdose can be reserved?

You can even buy opiod kits on Amazon with the same reversal medicine for $15.99.  I think this really speaks to the epidemic we really have here in the States.

Don't get me wrong, anytime a person can essentially be brought back to life from the brink of death is a great thing!  But Narcan is not the answer...what is the answer you ask...I don't know, and if I did I wouldn't be a Radio DJ.  Is it more money allocated to free counseling, a required free detox program and counseling after receiving Narcan from law enforcement?

Opiod overdoses are an increasing problem in small town America, as seen in the documentary below:

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