Reports say that a bear broke into a woman's cabin five times over a ten-day period and made himself at home. Video of the bear rummaging through the house has gone viral on social media and you can check it out for yourself here.

Twitter via @nypost
Twitter via @nypost

According to reports, the bear took it upon himself to find himself a place inside of a California Hot Springs cabin a few weeks back.

Thankfully, the brown bear decided to invade the home while the owner was away. The homeowner's security camera captured video of the animal making himself comfortable in her cabin.

Apparently, the bear made its way into the cabin five times over a ten-day period. Surely, the woman was not suspecting that a bear would be moving in while she was away.

Bear Takes Over Cabin While Homeowner is Away

See the video for yourself via @nypost below.

Thank goodness that no one was home at the time of this incident, as this seemed to be a hungry bear.

He made quite the mess, so I'm sure he will be hit with that extra cleaning fee upon checkout.

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