Conventional wisdom? Toss it out because eating this much maligned food can actually make you more attractive to women. The food in question is: garlic!

Now, we all know what garlic does to your breath, but a new study shows that when people eat garlic, it may result in bad breath, but when you sweat, it releases some very attractive odors.

According to a new study conducted by the University of Stirling in Scotland and Charles University in the Czech Republic, the more garlic men consume, the more attractive they are to women.

The women in the study were told to rank men in the categories of: Pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity, and intensity. According to the research, men who had eaten four cloves of garlic ranked higher in those categories than men who had not eaten garlic at all.

The folks conducting the research say the cause could be the antibiotic properties of garlic and women have evolved over the years to be attracted to the scent of garlic in perspiration. They say that the scent is, to women, a sign that the man is healthy.

Could you pass the garlic, please?

The data contained in this article is from an article on the site, ASK MEN

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