A lot of us depend on the Better Business Bureau to keep us safe from less than honest  schemes and scams, but this time around, the name of the BBB is being used to perpetuate a scam. According to Carmen Million, president of the BBB of Southwest Louisiana, this scam is one used pretty frequently.

Here's how this particular scam is set up: You may get an email from what seems to be the BBB. the letter tells you that you have take action because they have had too many complaints about you or your product.

Don't worry about deleting something important. The BBB doesn't send out random email either. So far, relating to this particular scam, authorities have shut down over 100 scammers around the country.

Million says that it's not uncommon for these thieves to use a well known name like the Better Business Bureau. it all looks above-board and official. By using a well known, respected name, crooks can usually pull quite a scam.

If you're a business owner and aren't certain whether an email is legitimate, send a copy of the email to phishing@council.bbb.org or contact the BBB serving Southwest Louisiana at 337-478-6253.

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