In an interview with Variety Magazine, Barbra Streisand reminded us all that she has enough cheddar lying around to clone her dog...twice.

She said in the interview that her beloved dog Samantha (pictured below) died in November, but before she passed she had cells extracted from her stomach and mouth.

Is this a little creepy to anyone else?

The genetic material was used to make two clones of her former dog, she named them Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett.  Here's the funny part, I'm not totally sure it was worth the money.

They have different personalities.  I'm waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have her [Samantha's] brown eyes and seriousness. - Barbara Streisand

Wait for it....wait for it...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!  You spent all that money to clone your dog and you got 2 new dogs!  You could've went down to the local pet store and got 2 new dogs for a fraction of the cost!

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