If you're not familiar with the Bad Lip-Reading videos, it's quite simple. They take various videos of people speaking and then record in what it looks like the people are saying. That's pretty much all there is to it. They've taken on various movies, the NFL and now, they go after the Democratic debate that took place a few weeks ago.

No matter which political party you belong to, this is funny stuff. One of the highlights of this video is where Bernie Sanders has 13 seconds to name 10 nouns. In fact, a lot of this video takes on Bernie Sanders. The video starts right off with Sanders bragging on Hillary's "dynamite beans."

The folks at Bad Lip-Reading don't leave anyone out of their pranks and there is already a video up where they take on the Republican party as well. Set aside your political beliefs and enjoy. By the way, you can find lots more Bad Lip-Reading HERE.


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