Bad Boys 3 was happening, and then it wasn’t, and then it was, and then it wasn’t again. But now it sounds like s–t just got real, and the on-and-off-again sequel is finally coming together. (Until it isn’t, but let’s be optimistic.)

A third movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Miami police officers has faced one false start after another over the years. Director Joe Carnahan was on board back in 2015 and the film was scheduled to open in 2017 with a fourth Bad Boys set to open next year. Then it was delayed, Carnahan dropped out, and last we heard two new directors were attached the the project, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, a duo known for helming episodes of FX’s Snowfall. Now Variety is reporting that Arbi and Fallah are still on board (phew) and Sony is inching closer to greenlighting the sequel.

If all goes well, Bad Boys for Life, as the new sequel is being called, would kick off production early next year and hit theaters in 2020 in time for MLK weekend. While various iterations of the script have passed through multiple hands over the years, the latest version was penned by Chris Bremner (who has an associate producer’s credit on The Wedding Ringer). Sony was apparently pleased with his version, said to have “the right mixture of action set pieces and laughs,” according to the trade.

Smith is on board to reprise his Mike Lowery, but Lawrence isn’t set to return at the moment. But not to worry, in the past he’s said he’s game to return. Let’s just hope it sticks this time.

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