I guess baby seals are called "pups" because they are so much like dogs. On the other had, my dog, Hank, is like a baby seal. For one thing, he has a face somewhat like a seal and when I get home in the afternoon, he begins to leap as high as he can just like a seal jumping up out of the water.

The seal in this video really lives up to the name "pup" because, out of nowhere, he decided that he wanted to be on the boat with the boat owner and snuggle up for awhile. According to the guy who shot the video, the seal pup just jumped into the boat and began to snuggle against his back.

The guy and the seal look right at home with each other and, I'm pretty sure the guy probably thought about taking the pup home with him. the video was featured on America's Funniest Videos and has attracted nearly a million viewers.

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