The Houston Astros are poised for another strong and promising year on the diamond as the team prepares for the year down in Florida for Spring Training. However, things weren't so promising for Josh Reddick when he decided to lay down a bunt during the fifth inning of a Spring Training game against the New York Mets on Wednesday. The Mets pitcher Seth Lugo jumped off the mound to field the ball and threw it on the inside of first base. The Mets first baseman was top prospect Peter Alonso who is not a small man, 6'2 245lbs. The throw took him into Reddick's running lane and resulted in a head-on collision that the Houston outfielder got the worst of...

Ouch, Reddick went down as if he ran into a brick wall, Alonso barely even flinched! At least he was able to have some fun with it after the fact.



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