If you have been following the news lately, you know that Judge Patricia Minaldi has been having her share of problems lately and now, she can add this to the list. According to Kim Meyers, spokesperson for the Calcasieu Parich Sheriff's Office, Judge Minaldi filed a claim against Justin W. Gray. According to sources, Gray was a former "acquaintance of Judge Minaldi's.

An investigation that ran from March of last year to January of this year, Gray allegedly forged checks and charged items on 3 credit cards in excess of $64,000. All together, the charges really stack up against Gray. The 28-year-old suspect is facing three counts of unauthorized use of a credit card and 41 counts of forgery.

A warrant for Gray's arrest was issued last week and Gray turned himself in to authorities, Gray's bond was set at $56,000 by Judge Michael Canaday.

Recently, Judge Minaldi announced that she is taking time away from the bench to deal with a variety of personal problems.




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