Could there be an instance at a Calcasieu Parish School where (dues to a discipline issue) where a kid needs to be suspended but can't be because the school has reached it's suspension limit for the year?

Don Rivers

Eric Holder did a survey and found that more black students were being suspended than white students. This may have filtered down to Calcasieu Parish schools. A current school  employee informed me that there are suspension limits at Washington Marion and Lagrange High schools. If true could that affect school discipline?  In Baton Rouge teachers have complained that suspension limits have made their classrooms more dangerous. They are having problems with students that should probably be suspended. Could this happen in Calcasieu Parish? What happens when you take away a schools right to discipline it's students. One would think word would naturally spread to the students and they would know the power had shifted. This would not be a problem with most students; but there are students who will take advantage.

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