Table tennis. Yet another sport I'm no good at. I've played a million times and my table tennis playing, much like my dancing, can best be described as workman-like. Imagine how humbled I am to see that, unlike me, this dog hits the ball every single time.

Talk about a dog whisperer! I've seen a lot of well-trained dogs in my life, but very few are very good at playing ping pong. Well, that's exactly what this beautiful pup does and he seems to love the sport.

Now, I've had a lot of dogs in my life and I recall being so proud just teaching them to 'fetch' or shake hands, but this guy has taught his talented pooch to play ping pong. The pup rarely misses a shot. Granted, the ball doesn't always stay in bounds and he does tend to hop up on the table, but give me a break. He's a dog. He even rushes the net at about :16 seconds in.