Imagine coming home from work and walking into the courtyard area of your apartment complex only to find an unwanted guest. That's what happened to one Crowley resident yesterday.

The unwanted guest was an alligator. We're not sure if the 'gator decided to pay a visit to the Northgate Apartments or was looking for a new place to live because of high water. Regardless, residents of the complex, located on North Avenue I did not want the reptile for a neighbor so wildlife authorities were called.

At last report, agents from the  Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries had managed to capture the alligator. The plan was to return the reptile to a more suitable habitat.

By the way, with so much high water around the area, 'gator sightings are becoming more frequent. Should you encounter an alligator or even a bear, we've had reports of bear sightings too, contact your local law enforcement by dialing 911 or you can contact Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. 

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