This past Saturday, Kirk Marcantel escaped from the Allen Parish jail by climbing a fence while he was using his recreation time. According to Sheriff Doug Hebert, Marcantel was in the facility for robbery.

Take a good look at the picture. If you see Marcantel, don't get involved. Just notify the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-639-4353. A post to the Allen Parish Facebook page asks residents to contact the sheriff's office if they encounter Marcantel.

From the official press release:

Friends, we need your assistance with a matter of urgent importance. At 9 am this morning Kirk Marcantel was able to escape the custody of the Allen Parish Jail. Please help us to recapture this subject if you can, please do not approach him. If you do encounter him please contact the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office as soon as possible @ 337-639-4353, Please help us to return him to the proper custody as quickly and safely as possible. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.