Adam Schlesinger from the band Fountains Of Wayne died yesterday of complications from the coronavirus. He was only 52 years old.

A statement from the band's attorney said:

Although he had been making some small improvements over the last few days, Adam's condition was critical and he was ultimately unable to recover from Covid-19 complications...he was truly a prolific talent and even more so, a loving and devoted father, son and friend.

The band hit it big in 2003, so they were a mainstay on my mix CDs.

The band's biggest hit was Stacy's Mom, but Adam had a prolific career outside of Fountains of Wayne, too.

He was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for writing the theme song to the 1996 Tom Hanks movie That Thing You Do. He also received Tony nominations for his work on the musical Cry-Baby.

In addition, he wrote more than 100 songs for the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and won an Emmy for one of them last year. And he won two previous Emmys for songs he wrote for the Tony Awards.

Adam racked up several more Emmy nominations for his TV work, which also included collaborations with Stephen Colbert and Sesame Street. At the time of his death, he was working on a new musical with Sarah Silverman.

Adam leaves behind two daughters, his life partner Alexis Morley, his parents, and a sister.

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