The Louisiana Department of Education has released ACT scores for the 2016-17 school year and the report card is good. It's nice to see that ACT scores are improving around the 5 Parish area. And Barbe High really has some numbers to be proud of. All the area schools did pretty good when it comes right down to it.

I'm sure you have probably taken an ACT. if now, quite simply, it's the college readiness test for juniors and seniors and our area students did a great job. We all know how Louisiana is regarded when it comes to education. We don't even need to get into that, but these numbers are promising. The numbers were up pretty much across the board.

In Louisiana, the composite score was 19.6 - while the national ACT average is just a bit higher at  20.8. Here in Calcasieu Parish, the composite score is 20, that's up from last year's score of 19.7. Calcasieu had 1,274 students score 18 or higher and 768 students score 21 or higher. I'd call that pretty good.


Here are the SAT scores for this area:

Allen Parish19.619.319.3
Beauregard Parish19.519.820.3
Calcasieu Parish2019.719.7
Cameron Parish19.219.420.5
Jeff Davis Parish19.419.519.3
Vernon Parish20.220.720.4

Here's how the score averages break down around the area:

Barbe High School21.5
Sam Houston High School20.9
Sulphur High School20.6
Westlake High School20.2

Let's hear it for our area schools. Despite all the negative press and loose talk, we're doing pretty darn good.

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