I thought a night at the symphony would be fun. It would certainly be different. I have always loved all kinds of music and in the past several years have developed a love for strings. I was really excited when at dinner I learned it would the music of the Beatles performed by the Symphony of Southeast Texas  and Classical Mystery Tour.

The setting was the Julie Rogers Theatre for the Performing Arts. Classical Mystery Tour was set up in front of the  Symphony of Southeast Texas. They looked, performed and sounded so much like the Beatles. It gave everyone who never had a chance to see the Beatles a taste of what their live performance may have been like. The extra bonus was Beatles music performed with a symphony orchestra. I believe that's how their music should be done.

The performance was flawless. From early Beatles like " I Want to Hold Your Hand" to "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" to post Beatles breakup hits like "Imagine". I found myself singing along with every song. The show was sold out and the audience was from every generation. You saw and heard teens and seniors singing out loudly when "Hey Jude" was performed.

The Magical Mystery Tour is a must see for everyone from the casual to the fanatical Beatles fan. The Symphony of Southeast Texas is a must see for any true music fan. The standing ovation was richly deserved.

Here is a little taste.