A marijuana conference was held last week in the Crescent City at the Convention Center.

More than 70 speakers spoke about dispensing and cultivating marijuana.  Louisiana is set to begin its medical marijuana program starting this Summer. There are 9 pharmacies licensed to dispense the drugs across the state.

Ban Introduced On Smoking Marijuana In Public Areas
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Louisiana is not considered to be a player in the marijuana market because of its current strict laws. But despite that fact, Marijuana Business Daily hosted its 1st annual conference in New Orleans.

The vice president of the publication said they brought the MiBiz Conference to New Orleans because they say the city has a thriving business culture, and they feel several southern states, like Louisiana, may be next to legalize recreational marijuana.

This movement is happening very quickly.  States are legalizing medical marijuana one after the other. - Chris Walsh (Marijuana Business Daily VP)

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