No matter the time of year, the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas is good for a haunting overnight stay. You could very easily run into a message on a steamy mirror or hear voices or screams in the hallway. One hotel guest heard a not safe for work disdain for a cross in one of the hotel's hallways and it was all caught on video.

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Guest with a Spirit Box

The Jefferson Hotel posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring one of their guests walking around with a spirit box. Through this box, you have the ability to hopefully hear a ghost's voice. This guest had their box in hand as she walked up the stairs into a area that is dubbed as their religious room. The room contains several crosses and other religious themed decorations. It's what the guest hears as she gets to the top of the stairs that will put the creepy crawlies up your spine.

Cussing Ghost

At the top of the stairs is a cross that is on a stand next to a doorway. As the guest topped the stairs and turned the corner to pass this cross, you can hear through the spirit box "f@#& the cross." Hearing this very much frightens the woman to the point she lets out a loud scream and then runs down the hallway.

Caught on Video

The hotel offers two angles of the incident both with excellent audio from the ghost through the spirit box. What's crazy about the situation is that they show video of the main lobby at the same time all of this is happening and, as loud as the woman screamed, it is very muffled in the main lobby which is just below where all this happened.

Creepy stuff. Check out the full video below:

The Jefferson Hotel is well known for it's strange occurrences. From messages on a bathroom mirror to random hallway screams to ghosts just being playful, it's a paranormal fanatic's dream overnight stay.

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