“A society without a past is like a man without a shadow,” reads an inscription at the door to the Epoch of Lenin private museum in Belarus. I found this quote while I was perusing the Associated Press news site this morning. One can handle only so much “news” from what you find on Yahoo or AOL, which seems to be more click bait than actual news these days. Maybe that’s a quote to be considered by those who would remove monuments from our country’s past.

As I was driving in this morning I saw at least one person walking without benefit of a raincoat or umbrella. And one of my co-workers came in shaking the rain off of her. No she didn’t have “rain protection” either.

Heard Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” as I arrived at work this morning. Put a big smile on my face. Can’t tell you the last time I heard that song.

As I was walking in from the car, it was so quiet I was reminded of the quiet during a snowfall up north. Quite a peaceful feeling.

Received another recall notice on my car. “Certain attachment bolts for the seats, seatbacks, seatbelt buckles, and/or seatbelt anchors may have been improperly hardened during manufacturing and could be more susceptible to fracture”. It was recalled earlier for possible failure of door locks/latches. Oh, boy!

Speaking of cars, have you noticed that if you visit a dealer’s website, somebody wants to chat with you after you’ve been on the site for less than a minute? The reason we visit the site is not to be bothered by a salesperson. We just want to look and see what’s available. My wife really gets upset when this happens. She usually replies “leave me alone” when they ask how they can help.

I called the dealership to schedule a service appointment to take care of the recall. I was transferred to the service department, explained what I wanted to do, and the guy said he’d transfer me to the person who handles appointments. Got a recording saying that person wasn’t available, leave a message. Knowing that I probably would not get a return call, I sent an email from their website. Not more than a minute later I was contacted by a salesperson who received my email and asked what type of vehicle I was interested in. I explained that I was trying to schedule a service appointment and he said he’d give my name and number to the person who could help me. She called a few minutes later and explained that they would inspect the vehicle and order any necessary parts. I told her I had a letter saying they had the parts, but that’s apparently not the case. They inspect then order what’s necessary. So, I asked, “you won’t fix my vehicle the day I bring it in”. “Correct”, she replied. I told her to go ahead and schedule the visit. She said she had to transfer me to the person who schedules appointments. I heard two rings and was disconnected. No, they haven’t’ called back. Yes, I’m amused.

I recently discovered Fudge Covered Twinkies. WOW.

Have a great day!

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