It's a dream day. A beautiful woman in a beautiful dress about to begin a life with someone they really love (yeah, I don't buy it either, but I wanted to say something positive about it)

The picture I used here is not the couple in the story, just a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress.

Then, in steps a moron --

Wedding day has enough stress without the added irritation of some misanthrope stealing the brides gown. Well, that's what happened to a bride-to-be in Washington state.

The wedding was just a few short hours away when to bride realized that someone had stolen her wedding dress. When the hapless young lady called 911 to report the theft, she got more help than she expected.


A 911 operator in Washington state came to the rescue of a desperate bride, but not in the way you’d expect.  The unidentified bride had been packing her car Sunday morning for the big event later that day, when she realized her dress had been stolen.  She called 911 to report the theft, and was lucky enough to get operator Candice on the line.   Candice took the necessary information and then had a thought – “Well, I have a dress she can wear.” An officer was sent to the bride’s house in Kent, and after the police report was completed, the cop informed her the 911 operator offered to lend her her wedding dress. With just hours to go before the wedding, the bride gladly accepted.  And even more unbelievable, the dress was just her size. "She was definitely in shock because of what had happened. I mean, anybody would be,” said Candice. “I would not have held myself together as well as she did. I was really impressed with her.”   With Candice at work, her husband of a year-and-a-half  had a bit of an ordeal picking up the dress, but delivered it to the bride in time for the ceremony, and the wedding went off without another hitch.  As for why she decided to help out someone she didn’t even know, Candice said her reasoning was simple. "It's funny because I didn't even have to think about it. It was just, she needed a dress, I had one. It was like, all right, here we go, let's see if she wants it.” Something borrowed, bride no longer blue!

Kudos to the bride for not being a real Bridezilla and to the 911 operator for going way above and beyond!

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